My Home Security Camera Caught It All!!

Let me start off by saying thanks, to the creator/ inventor of the home security system camera. I mean it took someone who was either a genius or just completely paranoid to come up with a product like that. After researching online I came across some material on 6webs, a reviews site and read some great information on alarms.

My Home Security Camera Caught It All!!So, let me tell you a little about myself before I get into all this, that way you can understand why I got the top home security system camera in the first place. I am single woman, living in a small townhouse, on a not so great side of town. I am 5’1 and about 120 lbs. I know what your thinking, very intimidating, right? Not! But, I do own a small handgun, which has never been used or even loaded for all that matters. The really bad thing about having it, is even if someone broke in, I wouldn’t even know how to hold it or load it. I would end up throwing it at them and running or passing out.

Ok, so now that you know a little about me and my situation, let me get back to the whole point of this. Now like I said I have protection, but it’s/ I’m completely useless. I already told you I live on the “wrong side” of town and for the last week or two, I have been hearing strange noises at my windows around my house, so naturally, I did what every self respecting person does, I freak out, run to the bathroom and call the police from my cell. Ok, so maybe not so dignified, but a girl has to do, what a girl has to do. By the time the police come, the noise of course, stops,The cops look at me like I need to be in a loony bin, well at this point, this is the fourth time in the past two weeks they have been there. So, I don’t blame them. They go through the motions with me, asking me what the noises sounded like, do I have anyone “out to get me”, boyfriend problems, you know the basics. Well, one of the officers pulled me to the side and asked if I were against installing security cameras on the outside, that way I could see from my computer or cell what the noises were. I told him that I think they look a little paranoid but, heck who was I kidding, I was getting more paranoid by the day. Not to mention, I do want to feel relaxed when I come home instead waiting to hear the next noise.

I finally talked myself into investing in a couple of security cameras, installed them on my computer and cell. Surprisingly, I felt very empowered. So, I couldn’t wait to see what the noises at my window was. I turned the cameras on and waited. Yep, still paranoid, waiting to see if something would happen. I went to take a shower , thinking to myself the whole time , what the noises could be. Oh my goodness, what if it’s some pervert staring at me through my blinds or someone trying to see when I am not home so they can break in. I quickly jumped out of the shower and got dressed. Still nothing happened. Maybe it scared whoever off.

The next day came around and then the next night. Not so paranoid, because now I know I will be able to see what’s going on. Came home from work and was making dinner, when the same tapping came again. I quickly ran to the bathroom, locked the door and turned on my cell phone to see what it was. And you are not going to believe this. I looked at my screen in shock and disbelief and with relief. The noise I had been hearing was a tree branch hitting my window. Then it dawned on me, the nights I was hearing these noises it had been very windy. So you see, thanks to great advice and great products I feel safe.

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